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faithfulness thy is great

Great is Thy Faithfulness
Execution and labor are my strengths. Planning  Manifestation Magic Review is something I need to really work on. Take fixing dinner for example. The plan is already done: the recipe. I like gathering all the ingredients together in one place before I even turn on the stove (execution). My Feeling gift loves the details, my Intuitive part understands what needs to be done and my Visionary part can see every step. Now, my Prophetic part can experience uninterrupted creativity in the labor facet.

When my dear second-gift-prophecy partner joins in I get tense. She glances over the recipe then moves into labor. This makes it hard for an executor. I am a weak planner and she is a weak executor but we are both great at labor. We are very successful when we work together because we compensate for each others weak areas.

In my opinion, this is a recipe for troubles down the road if we stop strengthening. No one came here. I came here to discover and master my weak areas and master them so I can move forward to new mastery.


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