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com www http deepersubstance

Diamond 247 keto that it cannot function properly should be the reason why later menopause can occur.The fat in your body becomes a storage place for the hormone estrogen. A thin body has a low fat content, so this indirectly affects estrogen levels which are also low. As a result, the ovaries and reproductive system experience dysfunction that can result in early menopause.The use of drugs for various diseases is also a cause of premature menopause. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before you take the drug to find out the side effects that might cause it. Cigarettes and Other Hazardous Substances Exposure Women have primordial follicles in the ovum that can 'live' until the menopause period arrives, around the age of 50 years. However, these follicles may die faster due to exposure to hazardous substances contained in cigarettes or substances such as pesticides.Primordial dead follicles are then the cause of early menopause. http://www.deepersubstance.com/


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