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mumycares com https deluxe uk keto

 keto deluxe trying to lose weight a little bit faster and just get really motivated I'll just have the leftover as my dinner and you could add even some extra steamed veggies as I was saying or whatever to make it a bigger meal but that's you know usually in the evening after I've eaten so much food like this and you guys will see this is really a lot of food and I'm not even really that hungry for dinner so something like this is perfect just to have a little bit of something to hold me over through the night well then that way I get some decent weight loss and I feel really great and I know I got enough calories and tons of really good nutrients as well during the day another note about blenders if you have a regular blender like a standard blender that's not a Vitamix you are probably not gonna like this smoothie they can come out pretty chunky you know the 


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