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This week I posed the following questions:Based on Tyrann Mathieu’s 2018 performance as a Houston Texan to this point Tyler Ervin Color Rush Jersey , do you...1 - ...want the Texans to re-sign him, assuming his contract will be in the upper-tier of guaranteed money for a safety (and regardless of his play, you KNOW this will be a requirement for his agent, at least as a starting point); and 2 - ...think the Texans actually WILL bring Ma
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Coach Quinn’s presser answered some pressing questions."Beasley or Bust We learned Tuesday evening that the Falcons appear primed to bring Vic Beasley back in 2019 at his full $12.8 million price tag. Based on Beasley’s up-and-down play Kendall Sheffield Atlanta Falcons Jersey , the bulk of us around these parts anticipated an outright cut or a restructured deal to reflect what he’s put on tape. Seems the team has other ideas, an